We are a republic of healthy, happy, humble, hard-working people that cultivate positive relationships inside and outside the gym.


We are, by definition, “a group with a certain equality between its members.” Also, by definition, “a state in which supreme power is held by the people.”

When we say this is YOUR Box, we mean it. We listen to you, you are an important member of our collective republic.


We want to maximize the quality and quantity of our time here on earth.


Happiness is a state of mind. In life, there’s always a reason to be unhappy and always a reason to be happy. We focus on the gift of life and do not take it for granted. Happy people tend to not complain, talk shit, grumble, or whine, and are generally pleasant to be around. They take action if they don’t like something or they make peace with a bad circumstance. They’re resilient.


A humble person is more confident than an arrogant person.

Confident people are at ease with themselves and comfortable with their capabilities.

Beyond their own capabilities, they realize there is a lot they don’t know and continue to learn. They have a standard for themselves which is completely intrinsic in its motivation. They are content with who they are, seek improvement, and accept themselves and others.


In the gym and outside of the gym, we get shit done. We don’t make excuses, we push to the best of our abilities, and say, “we got this.”

Cultivate Positive Relationships Inside and Outside the Gym

We tend to blur the line between Gym Owner and Member. You are our friends, we enjoy hearing about your lives, we enjoy your company. We want you to be at home in the gym, and we have your back, inside and outside the gym.